Friday, February 29, 2008

Straight From Blackfive...

...And you know, Matt is one of the coolest so you must do as he asks!

"...As if the Taliban and Al Qaeda, bad weather, and lack of support here at home weren't bad enough, the New York Times has published a one-sided view of the paratroopers tour in Afghanistan.

Conditions and morale are tough right now for paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Yes, they are having a tough time, but they are also succeeding in many ways.

Right now, I believe that they think that we've forgotten about them. At Blackfive, we have an email address and a physical address to get the 4.000 paratroops messages of love and support from home. As combat operations are gearing up for a big fight this spring, now is the time to send support." (Please Read Matt's whole post)

He has set up this email address: to send you messages of support.

And you can also send snail-mail (cards/letters) to this address:
Leta Carruth
P O Box 100
Cordova, TN 38088
(No addresses or telephone numbers on letters please!)

Thank you!

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