Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Riddle Me This Techies....

I watched a news report last night about a girl that used someone else's wireless to send a blackmail letter to her married ex-lover. The FBI knocked at the door of the man whose IP was used.

Wireless use is so widespread and will only continue to grow. Not only do many Americans live in twins, rowhomes, duplexes and apartment complexes, but you could probably ride around neighborhoods until you could grab a signal in your car.

I'm starting to feel this is another one of those situations where legislation will lag behind technological advances. What if my neighbor is picking up and using my wireless (the report said some signals can remain strong for 300 yds. or more) to view/download kiddie porn or any other number of nefarious material?

What protections are there? Is there a something the average person with wireless can do to protect their signal and their IP?

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