Thursday, February 21, 2008

Religion of Peace Ridiculousness

"...Mannequins in Sharjah [United Arab Emirates] shops should be headless and only model “decent” clothing, a Sharjah Municipality circular has stated.

The municipality has urged shopkeepers to abide by a ban that prohibits the display of mannequins with facial features, said a senior Sharjah Municipality official.

“The only clothes on display now should be decent and the mannequins should be headless,” said Khalid Al Jaberi, head of market control at Sharjah Municipality.

A circular was recently sent to all shops stating the heads of mannequins be removed and that they are forbidden to wear underwear, to uphold the traditional and religious values of the emirate.

The Sharjah Economic Development Department ordered 10 shops to close in March 2007 for flouting the rule, and instructed all shops and shopping centres to hire only female employees to sell women’s undergarments." (source)

These were made in China!!! ...Behead the infidel mannequins!!!!

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