Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pimping vs. Pimping

Jinxie mentioned this in the comments yesterday:

"...MSNBC's "pimp" flap got nastier yesterday as bloggers dug up a clip of one of the cable network's top talking heads using the prostitution analogy on-air last year.

But Keith Olbermann, the network's chief left-wing Doberman, didn't suffer the same fate as suspended correspondent David Shuster when he accused President Bush last September of "pimping" the commander of US forces in Iraq.

"In pimping General David Petraeus and in the violation of everything this country has been assiduously and vigilantly against for 220 years, you have tried to blur the gleaming radioactive demarcation between the military and the political," Olbermann said in a Sept. 20, 2007, rant entitled "Your Hypocrisy is So Vast."

On Friday, the cable network suspended Shuster after Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign complained that he said Chelsea was being "pimped out" by the campaign..." (source)

Here's the thing...Chelsea wasn't offended by this. I know that because I wouldn't be offended by it and she's younger than I am. Pimped doesn't mean what it used to mean. It isn't automatically associated with the act of prostitution like it was in yesteryear. It's associated with cars ("Pimp my Ride"), with flashy clothing (he's all pimped out"), with home decor ("that's a pimp crib"), or with using someone to accomplish something (not necessarily sexual). So, while the moldy oldy crowd may have sucked in their breath at this comment...Generation X and younger would have never noticed it were it not for all this unwarranted hoopla.

Though, some seem to think the old definition was the appropriate one for the situation...

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