Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PA's Fast Eddie & the Reverse Race Card

"...Gov. Ed Rendell, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's most visible supporters, said some white Pennsylvanians are likely to vote against her rival Barack Obama because he is black.

"You've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate," Rendell told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in remarks that appeared in Tuesday's paper.

To buttress his point, Rendell cited his 2006 re-election campaign, in which he defeated Republican challenger Lynn Swann, the former Pittsburgh Steelers star, by a margin of more than 60 percent to less than 40 percent.

"I believe, looking at the returns in my election, that had Lynn Swann been the identical candidate that he was — well-spoken, charismatic, good-looking — but white instead of black, instead of winning by 22 points, I would have won by 17 or so," he said. "And that (attitude) exists. But on the other hand, that is counterbalanced by Obama's ability to bring new voters into the electoral pool."" (source)

Here's the thing, what he's saying is probably true --and personally I think that's sad. People should shy away from voting for Obama because he lacks knowledge and experience and seems to embrace an ideological (yet impractical) socialism...not because he's a little Black. What DOES piss me off is the one word he snuck in there..."conservative." Maybe he forgets but it was the CONSERVATIVES that were backing Lynn Swann. He was the REPUBLICAN candidate. I think he meant to say the big burly prejudiced and chauvinistic labor union workers won't want to vote for a Black guy. Speak for your own Conservatives would have LOVED to have a Black man instead of you!!!

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