Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Blah...

I can't think of anything to post about. I looked through SO many stories last night and couldn't find anything that interested me enough to write about it. I couldn't even find a picture for Caption It (and usually I have 3-10 in a queue).

I don't give a crap about the Oscars and didn't watch. I thought about posting the story of the Marine in Iraq that saved the dog, but it somehow seemed trivial while people are dying.

I guess I should be pumped that there ARE some radical, Muslim ties to Obama. Dana has a post up about a Muslim organization that's backing the fledgling Senator. Liz watched an A&E special on the Antichrist and now believes he and Obama are one in the same --that would be a good post, but I didn't see the special. ((By the way, I'm in no way implying I think BO (haha) is a Muslim. I don't. When I call him Hussein Obama it's just like calling Hillary "Shrillary". I don't think Obama is a closet Muslim, just sympathetic to the terrorist contingent of them like every other far-left Democrat)).

The article that describes an eminent psychiatrist who makes the case that liberal ideology is mental disorder --as outlined in his new book, well that was good reading but do I need a whole post to state the obvious?

I guess I could tell you that my little one had a "non-Fiction" report due today and with NO input from me he choose James Madison over sports figures, mummies or dinosaurs...

Or how I hate that "sneaked" is a word and "snuck" isn't.

So, excuse my Monday apathy and we'll go with the "no news is good news" theory for today.

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