Tuesday, February 12, 2008

McCain's Palatability

Thought you guys would appreciate this article:

The Five Stages of McCain:

1) The first stage is anger. As in: "I'll never vote for John McCain. He screwed us on campaign finance reform; he's a tool for George Soros. He screwed us on immigration; he supports amnesty. I don't trust him on taxes; he said Americans should sacrifice for the war on their tax bills. He's no conservative. I'll never vote for this guy. I'd rather vote for Hillary Clinton!"

2) After anger comes despair. "I can't believe that McCain is going to get the nomination. What happened? McCain is too old. Conservatives won't vote for him. We're doomed. I'm doomed!"

3) After despair comes confusion. "I can't stand McCain. But he's a war hero and authentic. Campaign finance was wrong. But he was right on the surge. He's bad on taxes. But he's good on spending. The base hates him. But independents can't get enough. And even Phil Gramm and Grover Norquist think he's okay."

4) After confusion comes acceptance. "Well, McCain is going to get the nomination. I guess I can live with it. He's a war hero, after all. He was right on the surge. And he plays well with independents. I know he's old, but look at his energy level -- I couldn't keep up with him. Let's face it: McCain will be our nominee. And Rush Limbaugh is going to have to get over it."

5) After acceptance comes excitement [and t-shirt buying]. "Hey, McCain is going to be great! We need a maverick running our party. Look at those poll numbers! He can beat Clinton! Imagine that. We're going to win! I think I'm going to give McCain some money. What a war hero he is! Seventy-one is the new 61! Let's go! Mac is back! Would somebody tell Limbaugh to shut the hell up?" (The Five Stages of McCain, By John Feehery)

Gary Bauer, former head of the Family Research Council and founder of the Campaign for Working Families, has endorsed McCain:

"...In an interview, Bauer noted McCain's strength with independent-minded voters but added, "he's also going to need every last one of the conservative activists."

"My endorsement, at least in part, was done because I hope I can facilitate the reconciliation there and help unite conservatives going into what is going to be an extraordinarily important election," Bauer said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Bauer was the latest of several conservatives to sign on, but McCain still faces outspoken opposition from some foes, including talk radio host Rush Limbaugh who had threatened to boycott a race in which McCain is the nominee..." (source)

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