Friday, February 08, 2008

McCain Histrionics?

flickr MinorityI ask this seriously... Do people actually believe McCain, Hillary and Obama are interchangeable and indiscernible? I mean really, honestly think that --or have they gotten themselves so worked up that the hyperbole seems real now?

I mean, you all know McCain wasn't my choice --and I was pretty damn invested in this race before most people were even thinking about it. But I know a "liberal" wouldn't have a 0% RATING with NOW & NARAL. I don't think a liberal would be a supportive of the troops and the war effort as McCain. I doubt Hill or Obama would have voted "YES" on banning flag desecration/burning or "NO" on adding sexual orientation to 'hate crimes.' I'll check in a minute, but I'm fairly certain Hill or Barack don;t have a ZERO rating with the ACLU. I doubt they believe vouchers and school choice are the key to academic success and I'm sure they're rated higher than 45% with the teacher's union. And I know they're both rated a helluva lot higher than 15% by the AFL-CIO (labor unions).

Do you see what I'm getting at? Regardless of your grudges (and mine) against McCain, it's ridiculous to say that he's "the same" as the Dems or that this is a one-party election.

But ya know what...keep it up. It's perfect--the perfect game plan. If the right keeps bitching and moaning about McCain saying what a lib and a RINO he is then all the big, burly labor union Dems that deep down loathe the thought of voting for a woman will feel like it's okay to vote McCain --hey, the far right hates him right?--and they'll vote for him. And of course you'll all give in and vote for him because at the end of the day you all love this country and our troops too much to allow an actual liberal in office...and the GOP will win in a landslide admist all the Bush-hate. It's ingenious!

(p.s. You all owe me $32.99 for the got me all worked up and made me go order it out of spite...LOL No really, send the cash...)

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