Monday, February 11, 2008

Manufactured Outrage

Remember the other day I said one of my biggest beefs with the Left was their constant facade of ire and indignation? Well, they're at it again. Do they have nothing to actually be outraged over? I find that actual outrage comes pretty easy for me these days and there's no need to find menial things to manufacture rage over...

But doesn't it seem like Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way? ~NBC News' David Shuster

"...Could David Shuster be any more unprofessional? Does he not realize that he's talking about the daughter of a woman who is the first female candidate to be vying for commander in chief? One can only guess what would happen if he'd said something so heinous about Barack Obama's daughter. It would have been Shuster's Imus moment. Hey, but it's just about Hillary's kid, so she's fair game, as is all things anti-Clinton. Evidently Shuster has decided to channel Chris Matthews..." (source)

I'm dead serious here...why is that bad? Because he used the word 'pimped'? I mean, come on, Chelsea has survived A LOT worse than this said about her...

Of course you know that no one is actually upset about what Shuster said --they just found a way to utilize this story to bring up a joke that McCain allegedly told about Chelsea Clinton many moons again... It seems a bit early in the process to have someone taking one for the team.

(H/T: Attytood)

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