Friday, February 29, 2008

Looking for an Anti-War Explanation

I keep asking Obama supporters (who always seem to use the war as their reason for choosing him after his neophyte status is pointed out) how they as civilians, drinking lattes and attending palates classes, can vote for someone because he'll bring the troops home --when the troops don't want to come home. When the troops believe in their CIC and their mission and 100% believe they are making progress.

Their answer? "Well, some want to come home." Duh.

I just don't get how people here -that really have no idea what's going on there - would presume to pretend they do. Do you think for one second that I want even one more finger (let alone life) sacrificed for a Muslim country? Don't these anti-war fanatics realize that the pro-troop people love these guys and HATE the fact that they are dying for people that don;t seem to appreciate the sacrifice? Of course I want them all home, but it's not my call OR my right to have an opinion about what I don't know. I take my cues from the boots on the ground...what I am reading on Milblogs and in Stars and Stripes from the average enlisted. The second they want to come home and no longer think they're making a difference -I'll be right there behind them.

Military leaders are scared to death Obama might win, and I don't blame them. I wonder what Barack, his campaign and his starry eyed supporters would have to say about this soldier:

"...After completing two tours in Iraq, Sgt. Wayne Leyde won $1 million from a scratch-and-win lotto ticket on Tuesday.

Now that he's won, Leyde, a 26-year-old member of the Washington National Guard, says he's still going to volunteer to go back to Iraq for a third tour and won't spend any of the money in the meantime." (source)

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