Saturday, February 02, 2008

From the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • Please, please, please watch this ENTIRE video clip. It's hard to watch, but please watch it and post it if you have a site. Our active duty Armed Forces should not be neglected because of a 1950 ruling. This law needs to change as those that don the uniform should receive BETTER care than civilians...not worse.


    Feres doctrine
    "A legal doctrine that prevents people who are injured as a result of military service from successfully suing the federal government under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The doctrine comes from the U.S. Supreme Court case Feres v. United States, in which servicemen who picked up highly radioactive weapons fragments from a crashed airplane were not permitted to recover damages from the government. Also known as the Feres-Stencel doctrine or the Feres rule." (Feres Vs. United States, December 4, 1950)

    I hope you made it to the end of the clip and saw that after everything Marine Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez's family had to pay for his military funeral because the misdiagnosed "condition" had forced him to retire... 29 years old.

    *A huge thanks to My Favorite Pastor for posting this story...I had no idea.

  • Mike the Marine (From the Halls to the Shores) has an excellent response to the haters in Berkeley. Here's a snippet so you get the flavor of the post:

    "...Ultimately, you festering pieces of putrid fecal matter can’t stand the sight of a Marine because it reminds you that you aren’t one. It reminds you that you have done NOTHING with your life that makes a difference..."

    Thanks to the beautiful Tammi for linking that or I would have missed it.

  • Zombie has some priceless pictures of Berkeley students in their natural habitat. It was nice to see that even the Plushies come out to support the California trees...

  • At NewsBusters: "...ABC on Friday night decided to devote an entire story to speculating about what is supposedly “the talk of the town” -- a potential Democratic “Dream Ticket” of Clinton and Obama or Obama and Clinton. With “Dream Ticket?” on screen, anchor Charles Gibson set up the piece by pointing out how, during the debate on CNN the night before, Clinton and Obama “were asked if they might run together -- one for President, the other for Vice President.” Gibson insisted: “It has been on many people's minds.” (Read the whole post)
    In one of the Hillary ads, that's been invading my house ad nauseam, she touts "35 years of experience". Personally, I'd like itemized documentation on that...

  • Sgt. Freedom's new rant is up and this time the "Pastor" Fred Phelps is the target.

  • Wyatt has some thoughts about Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson's voice) giving 10 MILLION to Scientology. I'm wondering how the voice of a cartoon character has 10 mil to waste...

  • Captain America has the Top Ten Reasons not to Vote for McCain...but I say we only need one reason TO vote for him...President of the United States Hillary Clinton.
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