Friday, February 01, 2008

Elementary Teacher Makes "Terroristic Threats"

Brace yourself for this...

Fourth grade teacher Susan Romanyszyn (who once was a state-level finalist for Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching) "left the notes and a possibly explosive device in a [5th grade student's] desk because she wanted to teach fifth-grade rather than fourth." She has been charged with 17 counts of making terroristic threats.

"Authorities said that, over a one-week period, Romanyszyn left notes at Longstreth that looked like a child wrote them. Some of them said, "I won't stop 'til you all die" and "I will kill."

"Over the course of the week that this occurred, there was an escalating level of threatening behavior in the notes, culminating in the device left in the desk," Warminster Township Police Chief Michael Murphy said.

Police said the teacher was caught on school surveillance tape leaving the threats, adding that they don't know if she would have ever acted on them." (source)

This is so bizarre. I mean, trust me, I know what it's like dealing with the politics and bureaucracy of the school district administration and unions...but to scare all the kids and parents like this is beyond comprehension.


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