Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dr. Phil's Wife...

The other day on Dr. Phil's show (No, *I* didn't watch it, my sis called to tell me) his wife (Robin?) told a guest that in ALL the years of raising her two sons ["she had NEVER raised a voice or a hand."]

Two boys and NEVER raised her voice? There are three explanations here as far as I'm concerned:
1) She has some 'Mommy's little helper'
2) Nannies raised the boys
3) She's a liar

I consider myself someone with tons of patience and it takes a lot to get me flustered, but I'm sure I yell at least once a day --sometimes it's not even in anger...just to be heard over all the other voices...

She could have said she "rarely" yells and okay, I'd buy that,...but to admonish a guest and emphasize NEVER?

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