Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do we HAVE to Vote for McCain?

The Republican primary has been interesting to watch over the past few weeks. Not to say that the Democratic primary race has not been intriguing, but we all know how that one will end. If Barack Obama looks like he is going to win the nominations there will suddenly be leaked naked pictures of he and Ted Kennedy together and re-enacting some of the more disturbing scenes from The Graduate or The Crying Game. Well that, or Barack will have the same sort of unfortunate “accident” that seems to regularly happen to folks who stand in the Clinton’s way.

The Republican primary has been interesting for different reasons. We have had Republican leadership at odds with the Conservative base of the party. The Republican’s are declaring the race over and telling Conservatives that the only way we can avoid a Hillary presidency is to hold our noses and vote for John McCain.

I am trying to figure out exactly who the Republican Party leadership thinks they are when telling people who react to John McCain’s twisted, open borders, unconstitutional form of conservatism the same way that human skin would react if Charmin made its product from poison ivy. The Republican Party is not the Shriners or even the Loyal Order of Buffalos. Conservatives who vote for Republican candidates don’t necessarily wear the party fez or greet each other with the RNC’s secret handshake. So if they put up a candidate that Conservatives are morally opposed to, we don’t have to hold our nose and vote for him. We can simply not vote either the Democrat or Republican candidate next November. This is not to say Conservatives should stay home, there are plenty of good Conservatives on ballots across the nation for congressional positions, as well as state and local seats. We just don’t have to vote for either of the major parties Presidential options.

The best argument that the Republican intelligentsia can come up with in support of John is that it is his turn and that if we don’t vote for McCain, Hillary will win. They are right; she will win if Conservatives don’t vote for McCain. Both Hillary and McCain will be disastrous for the country if elected President. If supporting McCain means that we will have a disastrous four years, open borders, and a far left turn for the Republican Party, we are all better off if he doesn’t win.

This isn’t over, and Mitt Romney will probably fight on regardless of what happens today. It is up to the voters right now if 2008 is going to be another 1976 Reagan vs. Ford affair that led to a Carter Presidency. If that is the case we will deserve a 4 year time-out to think about the mistake of nominating McCain.

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