Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clinton's National Health Care

Ollie North's charity, The Freedom Alliance (privately run), gives recipients 76¢ on each dollar. Welfare, on the other hand, TAKES 76¢ on the dollar for administrative costs...recipients receive 24¢ per dollar.

This is the glaring difference between government-run entities and privately owned (cough-non union-cough) entities. Big bureaucracy is never efficient.

With that in mind...

"...Will Sen. Hillary Clinton garnish the wages of people who can afford health insurance but refuse to buy into her universal health care plan? Maybe.

The Democratic presidential hopeful tried to duck the question Sunday, when ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked her about wage-garnishing three times. But she didn't rule it out.

Clinton on Sunday described universal health care as "a core Democratic value and a moral principle, and I'm absolutely going to do everything I can to achieve that."

According to Clinton, "about 20 percent of the people who don't have health insurance in America today could well afford it," despite its "exorbitant" cost. "So what we've got to do is have shared responsibility. Everybody has to pay something, but, obviously, on a sliding scale."

Stephanopoulos tried again: "And I still haven't heard, if people can afford it and they don't buy the insurance, will their wages be garnished under your plan? Will they have to pay fines?"

Clinton told Stephanopoulos "there are a number of ways" of getting people to enroll in her universal health care plan. "I think you can automatically enroll people, and you will then say you've got to be part of this."

She added that Congress is sure to "have some ideas" about it as well. "But if you don't start with universal health care, if you don't say everybody's going to be in the system, we'll never get there," Clinton said.

Pressed a third time on the wage-garnishing question, Clinton said, "we will have an enforcement mechanism -- whether it's that (wage garnishing) or it's some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments."

Clinton said the "key point" is to implement universal health care. She said the mechanism by which it is achieved -- "going after people's wages, automatic enrollment...whatever the mechanism is, is not as important as...the fundamental commitment to universal health care..." (source)

Scary, scary.

...somehow I don't envision Clinton or Obama sitting in the crowded waiting room of some public clinic...

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