Thursday, January 10, 2008

"You Can Call Me Ugly, But I Still Dress The Way I Choose..."

"...How you gonna judge me- you've never taken a walk in my shoes
Why don't you ever trust me when I'm smiling-is it a sin to have fun?
And why should I repent when there's nothin' wrong with anything that I've done..."


I definitively part ideologically with most of you here when it comes to students and uniforms/dress codes. Not only do I not agree with relegating students to uniformed clones, but I will venture as far as to call it wrong. I'm not a Communist and I hold strong and dear the idea of personal freedom and individuality...regardless of age. I believe that outward rebellion (dress, hair, piercings) is MUCH healthier than secret rebellion (drugs, sex, alcohol).

(Catholic schools aren't what I'm talking about. Everyone knows if you go to a Catholic school you will be in the pedophile's dream plaid uniform. I'm referring to the taxpayer-funded PUBLIC school system.)

"Four Texas teens were suspended from school Tuesday for refusing to get their hair cut over the Christmas break, school officials said.

The students had been warned that the district was cracking down on dress code violators after they repeatedly let their locks loose on school grounds.

"Our policy states that the hair (on male students) cannot extend beyond the collar in the back," said Kevin Stanford, superintendent of the Kerens Independent School District.

"What we were doing is allowing the students to bind their hair, but there was very inconsistent compliance."

After several complaints from parents in the small rural town south of Dallas, school officials decided to eliminate the hair-binding loophole. Students were told to go to the barber over break or face the consequences.

"Persistent insubordination could go as far as a disciplinary alternative school placement. That's the worst case."" (source)

What asshole would call the school to complain about the HAIR on someone else's kid?! For the love of God, I wish that was my biggest worry in life. Someone brings a knife to school, pushes your kid, hits your kid, curses out your kid all means start dialing. But your life is so small and uncluttered with ACTUAL problems you call to tattle that someone's hair is over his collar? Who cares? One thing I've noticed with my oldest (pictured) is that his "skater hair" is always better groomed than most of the girls in his class who come in to school unbrushed with big sleep knots in the back...

These people are so very lucky I don't live in that district. I'd resort to using the ACLU if I had to and make sure that if my boy couldn't have the hair he wanted...all their girls would be sporting over-the-collar cuts too.

I know, I know. I get really worked up about this. I guess because I went to both kinds of school -required uniform and no uniform. You can kid yourself, but it made NO difference as far as rich and poor. You still knew. The bookbags, the shoes, the jewelry and the spiffy Trapper Keepers and Tupperwear lunchboxes. Basically you are robbing kids of their individuality for parents' convenience. Lame.

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