Friday, January 11, 2008

Voting the 2nd Amendment

So who can we trust to stick by the 2nd Amendment? None of the Dems, that's for sure.

Rudy? Not after what he's done in NYC. I don't care what he has to say, I won't trust him on abortion or guns. He did lower taxes, though.

McCain? He wasn't a good 2nd guy in the 90's when he was supporting gun control. He says he favors gun rights now, but how firm will he be when his buddies in the Senate come calling?

Huck? He has a good rep on guns. The whole package scares the hell out of me, though.

Fred? Has always been very solid on guns. Abortion, too. Taxes, too. I think he'll win SC and the rest of the south.

I think Rudy will endorse Fred after Rudy drops out following his poor showing in the south. He's hanging an awful lot on Florida.

This is a good article. But you have to be careful about stuff on Politico.

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