Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

I agree with the points elaborated by ALa. Why don't the opponents of Voter ID protest that laws requiring a photo ID to fly discriminate? What about buying beer? Driving?

Because they don't give a shit who flies, buys beer or drives. They care who gets to vote. And the Democrats know that the bottom dwellers who are too stupid or too lazy to get an ID are probably going to vote Democrat. Plus it's a lot harder to cheat when you have to show an ID.

Look at this. This woman may not have been deliberately attempting voter fraud, but she did lie on her FL application. "Did I do that? Oh, my. Fiddle dee dee." What a crock. She claimed homestead exemption in two states to avoid paying her fair share of property taxes. If she felt she was an IN resident, why did she apply for a FL license to begin with? Why not just use her IN license? As a TN resident, I don't have to get a new license when I go to another state.

It is true that some will be inconvenienced by this law, but don't we have a history of accepting that for the greater good? I was sure inconvenienced by having to undress the last time I flew, but I didn't bitch about it (much, anyway).

The fact that this woman was able to get a photo ID and vote on the same day shows that people can do it. Besides, the law allows you to cast a provisional vote and get up to 10 days to show your ID to validate the ballot. Anyone should be able to get an ID in 10 days. Especially because they can be free if you can't afford them.

Of course, with all that property tax savings, I'm sure this woman could pay for it.

UPDATE: Just found this by John Fund in the WSJ:
But Indiana officials make the obvious point that, without a photo ID requirement, in-person fraud is "nearly impossible to detect or investigate." A grand jury report prepared by then-Brooklyn District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman in the 1980s revealed how difficult it is to catch perpetrators. It detailed a massive, 14-year conspiracy in which crews of individuals were recruited to go to polling places and vote in the names of fraudulently registered voters, dead voters, and voters who had moved. "The ease and boldness with which these fraudulent schemes were carried out shows the vulnerability of our entire electoral process to unscrupulous and fraudulent misrepresentation," the report concluded. No indictments were issued thanks to the statute of limitations, and because of grants of immunity in return for testimony.

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