Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tampons for Africa (aka ALa Loses All Her Male Readers)

Always and Tampax have a new campaign urging women to buy their products and proceeds will go to sending pads and tampons to African girls.

I was shocked to learn that young girls in Africa have to miss a week of school each month while they have their periods. While reading about the campaign to help I ran across this article at Moonbattery.com:

Latest Feel-Good Campaign: Bleeding Hearts Against Bleeding

" Nothing wrong with charities, of course… but Tampax to save Africa? The thing that got me was THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY. If your country is so backward and socially bankrupt that you don't even have sanitary napkins, then some stupid feel-good charity isn't going to make any difference. THEY HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS!

Africa needs non-corrupt governments, they need to forget about insane tribal warfare, they need to eliminate petty warlords, they need to learn about personal responsibility… in short, they need to do what the Pilgrims and settlers and all those folks who had nothing did when they came here.

Early America had no one to send them Tampax or relief packages or government aid or anything else… and all alone they carved out the greatest country on earth. In Africa they have the land, the resources, the labor force and (it seems) a total inability to do anything with it. This isn't the 1800's. They have a wonderful model in the United States to show how it can be done, and yet…

As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Instead, we're sending them a handout of Tampax."

*breathe* (I apologize to Hoss in advance)

First, maybe tampons can't change the piss poor geopolitical conditions in Africa, but it has always been my belief that education can. It's bad enough that women must endure a monthly blood letting to begin with, but then to be academically penalized in addition to that is ludicrous. It's just so easy for a man to pontificate about the foolishness of this idea, isn't it...? These girls are missing a week of school a month and getting so far behind that they are dropping out. Not saying that the Tampax-Always involvement doesn't seem a bit self-serving, but the thought and idea is solid. Why should women (once again) be punished and held back just for being women?

We endure monthly periods from age 11 to age 60 (how many days of blood, cramps and hormones is that?). We only get a reprieve while we are pregnant but then it's replaced with vomiting, heartburn, acid reflux and hemorrhoids. Then there's the labor, epiosiotomy and a year(+) of breastfeeding...and don't get too smug that we went 9 months without a period because we will make up for it as we bleed for seven weeks after the baby comes. This is the reality a man will never know -and the reality that absolutely precludes him from dismissing girls being barred from education because of it as trivial (as he, in his next breath, somehow believes after all that he's entitled to equal custody)...


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