Friday, January 04, 2008

Russ From Winterset for Fred

Russ, former Blonde Sagacity contributor (he inherited his father's cattle farm and has more pressing responsibility these days), was given two minutes to speak on behalf of Thompson at his county caucus in Iowa last night. Here is his speech:

"Hello, my name is Russ [from Winterset], and I’ve come here tonight to vote for Fred Thompson. Here is why I think Fred Thompson is the best candidate for President.

Fred Thompson has demonstrated consistent conservative principles. He was a conservative yesterday, he’s a conservative today, and, God willing, he’ll be a conservative President next January. He has laid out more specific issue and policy stances than all the other Republican candidates combined. He has released the most rational immigration plan out there, with an emphasis on border enforcement first, a plan to increase our armed forces to a “million man army”, a detailed plan to save social security, and a comprehensive reform of our tax structure.

Fred Thompson believes that America deserves a strong leader who believes in the greatness of our country. He’ll look out for America’s interests, and I think he’s the best man to have facing down our enemies. And mark my words; Fred Thompson walks the walk like he talks the talk.

Fred Thompson has demonstrated a consistent pro-life record. He realizes that there’s no way that a president from either party is going to get 66 Senators and 37 State Legislatures to support ANY Constitutional Amendment at this time. Having a well meaning Constitutional Amendment as your ONLY option is tantamount to sitting on your hands & doing nothing; but Fred Thompson’s plan to appoint justices who believe in the principles of our founding fathers will return power to the states, where public opinion can still be heard over the sound of interest groups opening their checkbooks. The National Right to Life Committee and seven of their state chapters believe in Fred Thompson, and they’ve given him their endorsement.

Fred Thompson stands for what Republicans believe in: lower taxes, limited government, the defense of the unborn, a secure border, the right to keep & bear arms, an immigration policy that respects the rule of law, and an unwavering commitment to the national security of the United States of America. At every point of his life, Fred Thompson has risen to the challenge and answered America’s call. He’s ready to answer the call to service again, and he can win in November against the Democratic nominee. With your help, he can win tonight in Iowa. Thank you for coming out tonight to caucus, and I’ll be available later to answer any questions you might have."

Fred IS INDEED staying in the race and coming in third (a head of big players like McCain & Giuliani), after getting into the race so late, is nothing to be ashamed of! Go Fred!

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