Thursday, January 24, 2008

Right'O'Sphere in Disarray

DemocracyI feel like most of us 'Fredheads' were so confident he was the right guy that we didn't take much time to explore the possibility of his withdraw from the race. As I zipped around the blogosphere yesterday it became apparent that there is now no general consensus when only just a few days ago there was one...Fred.

So I've been thinking about what freakchylde said yesterday: "I'm just going to write Fred in. I don't consider the others worth my point 'n click."

And what tbuzz41058 said on my 'Draft Thompson '08' blog:

"With Fred Thompson dropping out of the race, it is truly a dark day for America. Do not despair though, there is still hope, the fight will and must go on; there is a plan. If we are all truly committed to Fred's principles, and hope to see these principles have some bearing on the future of America, we all must vote for Fred in every primary, even if we have to "write in" his name. If we can keep the vote split enough, maybe a brokered convention could happen. At the very least, it will send a very clear message to Fred and the American people he actually had more support than they thought. This in itself may reinforce the possibility of Fred being selected to run as VP, which would not only bring some integrity into the White House in January of 09, but would garner him the exposure needed for a Presidential run in 2012 or 2016. It would also send a message to the Republican party there are still many true conservatives left who will not stand idly by and watch our party be hijacked by moderate, liberal-leaning Republicans. Last but certainly not least, it would educate the MSM to the fact that even though they may be able to influence a campaign's decision, it is truly we the people who will exercise our God given right guaranteed by the Constitution to make the final decision, to select who we feel is the best leader for our great country."

Maybe that's the right thing to do. Write in Fred.

Here's the's a great idea and it would be awesome to show that Conservatives can rally and unite when need be, but it would only be the Bloggers. How would the word get spread to the troglodytes/Luddites? (Deal, I'm angry with off-line, apathetic Americans right now.)

What do you plan to do?

In the 2008 Primary Election I Will...
Vote for McCain
Vote for Romney
Vote for Huckabee
Vote for Giuliani
Abstain and Vote in the General Election
Abstain from the Primary and the General Election
Write in Fred Thompson free polls

Oh yeah, the Carl Cameron 'revelation' (who knows if it's even true -I never heard that and I've been in pretty close contact with quite a few people from the campaign and a few that would have liked to destroy it) isn't bothering me. If Thompson didn't think he had a shot and wanted to test the waters...who cares? We never thought he wanted it --that's the whole point of a DRAFT people. I am all for him as would make any of the other candidates more palatable.

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