Friday, January 04, 2008

Pervert Terrorizing NJ Girls...

"...Parents are on edge and the community is terrorized after a series of abductions, attempted abductions and sexual assaults on girls aged 11 to 16 were reported since October in Camden, New Jersey.

The ninth and latest victim was a 14-year-old girl found running naked down Garden Avenue near Highland after escaping from her abductor.

"I can't understand why grown men want to rape little kids," said parent Eric Evans..." (source)

Like it's not bad enough these people have to live in Camden (which for anyone that's never been there -truly is the armpit of the United States, and is always topping the "10 Worst Cities to Raise Children" lists), but now they have to deal with some disgusting pervert terrorizing their little girls. According to some of you here I can't call this guy a pedophile because the girls he's attacking are 11-16 years old. That mentality right there is half the problem IMO. I don't care if TECHNICALLY a pedophile is someone that is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent girls. I have friends that didn't get their periods until they were 16 and some girls these days get it as early as 9 and 10. A grown man shouldn't be looking at teenage girls that way --and if he does he's sick. Full stop.

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