Wednesday, January 16, 2008

News Flash: Men Lie!

This from the February 2008 Glamour Magazine:

"If your girlfriend or wife would never know about it, would you have a one-night stand with a smoking hot stranger?

No: 70%
Yes: 30%" (source)

Are you kidding me? When Glamour called for the poll husbands must have thought it was really their wife's friend pretending to be a magazine -or maybe that their wife was listening on another extension. There isn't a man out that wouldn't do it if there was NO WAY he'd get caught. My hairdresser said that if all was good with him and his (new) bride he wouldn't do it because he'd feel too guilty. I contend he would do it and feel guilty after the deed was done.

Let's see if the men here will be a little more forthcoming... ;)

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