Thursday, January 31, 2008

Judge Paul Tressler's "Mistake"

System Breakdown #1:
Ronald McDade, 33, was arrested in September after he attempted to lure a 15 year old girl into his car. After his arrest he told a detective: "If I get released, I'm gonna go rape a girl." I can only assume this information was presented to Judge Tressler when he decided to grant the pedophile reduced bail ("Bail in that case had been set at $100,000 but was lowered to 10 percent of $25,000 after McDade's employer and his girlfriend testified on his behalf")....

System Breakdown #2:
Apparently, even after being arrested for a child-related crime, McDade's girlfriend (who has a 13 yr. old daughter) not only stayed with him but let him move in while he was out on bail. The she left him alone in the apartment with her daughter and her daughter's friend who was there for a sleep over (the girl's parents "were under the impression that McDade wouldn't be there").

"...The 13-year-old girl recounted in court today how a 33-year-old Lansdale man raped her in the hallway of a borough apartment earlier this month. He said, 'Do you like being molested ?' " the girl testified in a packed court room heavily guarded by police and Montgomery County sheriff's deputies. "I froze. I was scared if I said anything he would do something else. God only knows what he would do." (source)

God only knows what he did do because he will be tried on "a long list of charges including two counts of rape."

I sit here wondering who is worse, the judge that now tries to absolve himself of guilt by claiming "I was only following federal guidelines and didn't realize he was a threat" --or-- the desperate, selfish woman that would open her home to this predator and leave her daughter and someone else's child in his care...


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Anonymous said...

WTF is with all these outlandish lies?? My father did none of these things and they were proven already! You guys are just refusing to listen to the proof.