Thursday, January 10, 2008

ID to Vote

"Supporters and critics of Indiana's law requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls square off in oral arguments before the Supreme Court today. The heated rhetoric surrounding the case lays bare the ideological conflict of visions raging over efforts to improve election integrity...

Supporters say photo ID laws simply extend rules that require everyone to show such ID to travel, enter federal office buildings or pick up a government check. An honor system for voting, in their view, invites potential fraud. That's because many voting rolls are stuffed with the names of dead people and duplicate registrations--as recent scandals in Washington state and Missouri involving the activist group ACORN attest.

Opponents say photo ID laws block poor, minority and elderly voters who lack ID from voting, and all in the name of combating a largely mythical problem of voter fraud." (source)

I know we've discussed this here before, but this debate continues to baffle me. Isn't it the Dems that are ALWAYS kvetching about "voter fraud"? Why wouldn't they embrace something that could end that...wait, unless THEY are actually the ones committing the fraud and accusing others! Isn't is racist and ageist to imply that because someone is Black, Hispanic or old they won't have ID? How does anyone not have ID? If you're poor, don't you need ID to access your public assistance or to cash checks? ID doesn't just mean Driver's can have a state identification card...right? Don't they see that blocking this security measure will render all of their "investigations" on "Republican voter fraud" a total facade?

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