Saturday, January 26, 2008

From Around the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

(With a bonus caption it because how could I resist when I saw this pic)

  • I was clicking around trying to figure out who all the "A-list" Bloggers (that were for FDT) were throwing their support behind... I can't figure out who Mischa over at Rotti is picking, but it's definitely not McCain.

  • Make sure to go read about the service and sacrifice of SSG Eric C Barker over at AFSis's site. You can find the news article here.

  • CFUCS has a list of Why he Carries a Gun... My favorite of those reasons? "My sidearm is $500 dollars. My wife is priceless." That's like an NRA valentine or something! :)

  • With only a year left in office for Bush and Cheney, the impeachment crusade continues. Common Sense Political Thought has the story.

  • J Marquis makes a good point about the big-wigs that are coming out against McCain. I guess the same could be said for me if Romney ends up being the nominee.

  • Cullen has decided where his support will go now that Fred is out of the race.

  • Sohos has a Concise rundown on the candidates.

  • Wyatt Erp recounts a story that elucidates the assache of being a detective in Philly. I don't envy the people he must deal with on a daily basis. Sorry Wyatt, it may have been annoying, but it was funny :)

  • A good friend of mine has been toying with the idea of starting a blog. She's a SAHM with four kids and another one due in less than a month (and she's only 29 as of yesterday!), so as you can imagine...she doesn't exactly have tons of time to be online. I set up a blog for her (her hubby's idea) and he presented it to her for her birthday. She's a newbie to the blogosphere (and blogging software), but I think she'll really enjoy the place to vent. If you get a chance, go over and welcome her to "this world." (She's also interested in learning more about be on your best behavior!) ;) Motorcycle Menage.
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