Friday, January 18, 2008

For Free, Jpck & SoLow

I have finally started reading "House to House" and, omg, I seriously can't put this book down. It is SO well written and I am SO impressed. There are so many quotes I want to transcribe here and so many stories to re-tell, but seriously you need to read this for yourselves. BUT, as I was reading yesterday and came across this paragraph I couldn't help but laugh thinking of my three beloved jarheads :D

"...Our unit is set to head out to Fallujah, a city of about 350,000 in the restive Anbar province, along the Euphrates River. Fallujah has been under total insurgent control since April, when Operation Vigilant Resolve, a Marine offensive planned in response to to the ghastly and well publicized hanging of four U.S. contractors, was canceled for political reasons. The jarheads just loved that. All they wanted to do was finish the insurgents off once and for all. Marines. They may be all double-barreled and single-helixed. They may just be the worst historical revisionists of all time. But at their core they are fiercely proud and spoil for an unfair fight. God love 'em all." (House to House; SSG David Bellavia)

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