Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"A Christmas Story" in January

"...Single-digit temperatures brought a scene right out of the movie "A Christmas Story" to two students at Jackson Elementary School (IN) on Friday morning.

The two fourth-grade boys, who served flag duty to raise and lower the flag for the school, stuck their tongues to the flagpole and spent the rest of the day in pain and embarrassment.

"The nurse called us and said the boys' tongues were bleeding," said Billie Dempsey, mother of Gavin Dempsey, who celebrated his 10th birthday Friday.

"The nurse asked them, 'OK, who double-dog dared who?' But they weren't admitting to what they did and said they just bit their tongues. When she told me there were a couple of layers taken off, I thought, 'Oh no, he's on flagpole duty,'" Dempsey said..." (source)

Yeah, that might follow him right through high school....

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