Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Card Etiquette

This is a re-creation of a card that we received. Inside the card was just a signature. No names, no message other than the "Happy Holidays" offered by the card manufacturer. It was also not sent through the mail, but handed to us in person Christmas day. No, not from one of The Man's work colleagues who wasn't sure of my name or the kids and not by a neighbor suffering the same memory lapse. It was from HIS MOTHER. We have been together for ELEVEN YEARS and my children are her grandchildren and we are "plus family"?! This would have pissed me off even if we didn't have a long history of her being evil and me being the "bigger person." The envelope is currently hanging on my fridge as a reminder that sometimes in life being the "bigger person" (even if you can stomach it for a decade) doesn't pay off. ...And to tempt me to address her next card "tesco's mother."

This brings me to a general discussion about greeting cards. Addressing the card to "The Bush Family" is fine, but inside you should write out "George, Laura, Jenna and Barbara." If you forget the kids' names you could be creative and write "George, Laura and the Beautiful twins" (or "and your gorgeous girls"). You get the point. Sending a card to "The Bush Family" with your signature inside (to me) is more impersonal that not sending a card at all.

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