Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Abortion Still #1 Issue Among Evangelicals

"...A new report from the Barna Group warns political campaigns that assuming the evangelical vote is "splintering" over abortion would be a mistake, with 19 of every 20 members of that group citing the issue as their top concern.

"One of the myths about the 2008 election is that the evangelical vote is splintering over issues such as abortion and homosexuality. In fact, when defined based upon a consistent set of theological perspectives, evangelicals remain very united on abortion and homosexuality," said David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group and director of the study.

"Evangelicals' top concern – by a wide margin – was abortion (94 percent). This was followed by the personal debt of Americans (81 percent), the content of television and movies (79 percent), homosexual activists (75 percent), and gay and lesbian lifestyles (75 percent,)" the report on the assessment of voters' values and morals said..." (source)

And for what it's worth "Jane Roe" has endorsed Ron Paul.

After I read this I was trying to think what my "top concerns" are. Personally, seemingly unlike many in the country, I don't think a President can or will solve my personal problems... I guess #1 for me is definitely national security. I know it's cliche, but I pretty sick of the middle class being trampled (and from me that's more of a condemnation of social programs than anything else). The main thing I look to the President to do is appoint decent Supreme Court judges that will adhere to the Constitution and veto big spending bills.

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