Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why the Right AND the Left Should Be Rooting for Thompson

We made fun of Kerry relentlessly for 'flip-flopping', but all politicians have done it. Reagan did, Hillary has, Giuliani and Romney have. It's the nature of the beast --that's why politicians are deemed slimy. It's really not their fault though. You need money to win and effect change and you need to adopt the positions of the big groups to get that money. A pro-life Dem would be forfeiting NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood's cash flow. An Anti-gun Republican would flounder without the NRA's support.

BUT, if a candidate comes along that TRULY believes in the sanctity of the Constitution...their personal views become less significant. This is why I don't understand why Fred Thompson isn't getting support from ALL Americans. Even if he doesn't personally condone abortion, gay marriage (or any number of hot button issues) it won't matter. He doesn't believe it's Constitutional for the federal government (or the Supreme Court) to hand down decisions like that. He is a firm believer in State's Rights. How refreshing. A Presidential candidate that would adhere to the wishes of the founding fathers regardless of his personal convictions.

The left rarely complains about judicial activism because in the past it's always seemed to work in their favor, but what if the tide changed? All Americans should be concerned about 9 or 12 making binding legal decisions for all of us. America is not an oligarchy. A President that believes in the nomination of strict Constructionist judges should be a a requirement of all IMO.

GO HERE to sign up and make phone calls for Fred in Iowa! Help spread the message that astute political bloggers already know...FDT should be the nominee!!!

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