Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why Are Women So Damn Desperate?

Is "being alone" really that bad that we have to read story after story of women and their children being abused and/or killed by some loser boyfriend?! I guess in all fairness I must concede that I have never faced the dating hardships of a single mom/divorced mom. I don't know if/how fast guys hightail it out of a relationship when they hear you have kids. BUT, that being said I would hope that I wouldn't let my 'needs' put my child in danger...

!!!You HAVE to watch this video!!!

This woman has two teenage daughters. She meets some guy, 'falls in love' and after a year and a half he proposes. Soon after she receives a call from his friend informing her that the boyfriend is in jail...caught on Dateline. Bringing condoms and jack Daniels to a 14 yr. old's house after chatting with her and sending her pictures of his penis for two weeks. What does this mother do? She ELOPES with him while he's out on bail. She's "more upset about the cheating than the fact that the girl was 14", and she 'doesn't think it had anything to do with the age, just an opportunity to have sex'. Apparently her daughters support her decision to stay with him (he got two 10 year sentences) and she "would absolutely trust him to be alone with them." Good Lord. My sister and I were on the phone while this aired yesterday morning and if I had taped the conversation and what was being yelled at the screen...well, it wouldn't be work-safe.

The local news came on following this brain-dead woman and the leading story? Ninth-grade honors student Ebony Dorsey's body had been found in a plastic tub. Her mother's abusive, crack-head boyfriend being held by police...and evidence that he sexually assaulted her after he killed her.

"...Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney Risa said that 48-year-old Mark O'Donnell confessed overnight to Whitpain Police.

Ferman said autopsy results showed Ebony Dorsey was beaten and strangled, and her pajamas were found wrapped around her neck...

"What I knew of him I did not like," says Evan Dorsey [Ebony's father]. He says he warned his daughter of O'Donnell and had his suspicions even before police found the body. "'Trust your father. If I tell you someone's no good, it's because I know. Not everybody who claims to be your friend or be trustworthy is such." (source)

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