Friday, December 28, 2007

What's In Your Desk?

"...A samurai sword and a stuffed fox were among the strange items found in the country's office desks.

A firm of relocation specialists has also been asked to move everything from a single banana to a grand piano.

A racing car, a display case said to contain the bones of saints and a collection of empty soft drink bottles were also highlighted.

The top 10 list of strange pieces in the workplace was compiled by Aberdeen-based Space Solutions.

The other leading items were a two-tonne drill bit, a voodoo doll and pornography.

Mr Brandie said it was the most normal offices which produced some of the most bizarre finds.

He said: "At an oil and gas company someone had been fermenting wine in a drawer, which was rather strange.

"And at another firm we were asked to remove a stuffed fox and other stuffed animals which the managing director had in his office."

He added that one customer was a sponsor of Formula 3 which had a racing car as a display piece in the company's reception.

Mr Brandie said: "Another time we had to transport ancient bones from a museum.

"We weren't aware of what the relics were until we did a risk assessment and realised they were the remains of saints.

"We have been asked to move some very strange things." (source)

After reading this I was trying to remember if I ever kept anything in my desk that others would deem as weird. I don't think so. Pictures of The Man and I and lots of snacks...

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