Friday, December 21, 2007

These Are the Primaries That Never End...

No Clear Frontrunner in the GOP:
"...Two weeks before the Iowa caucus, the race for president, while tightening among Democrats, is wide open on the Republican side, highlighting the unusual fluidity of the first campaign for the White House in over a half-century that doesn't include an incumbent president or vice president.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that Rudy Giuliani has lost his national lead in the Republican field after a flurry of negative publicity about his personal and business activities, setting the stage for what could be the party's most competitive nomination fight in decades..." (source)

MacCain's Numbers Are Rising:
"...John McCain was left for dead earlier this summer, his presidential campaign having squandered its money and conservative support.

But the former Vietnam prisoner of war is nothing if not a survivor. He stuck to the campaign trail and is now mounting a comeback. Polls show McCain surging in New Hampshire. If he wins the Jan. 8 primary, even critics concede he'll be a top contender again..." (source)

Fred Thompson on illegal immigration:
"Republican Fred Thompson said Thursday there should be few if any exceptions when it comes to enforcing U.S. immigration laws, or the flow of illegal immigrants would continue.
Thompson said the legal immigration system in the U.S. has inefficiencies and people get caught up in the bureaucracy. But he said the rule of law must be the top priority.

"We have to look out No. 1 for what is right, what is the law. If you're coming and saying 'It's against the law, but,' I think you've got to have a very good reason, and I very seldom see a reason that justifies the 'but' if it's against the law."

Thompson said the U.S. is capable of making changes to immigration laws that allow employers to meet their work force demands..." (source)

FDT and Mitt Spar Over McCain-Feingold:
"[Fred Thompson] said he supported [McCain-Feingold's] ban on the unlimited donations to political parties, known as soft money, but called the law’s provisions restricting ads by outside groups “a mistake.”

“That was an error, I was wrong, I wouldn’t do that again,” he told about 75 people at a morning stop on his bus tour through Iowa, which kicks off the presidential race on Jan. 3.

Questioned later by a reporter about criticism of his campaign finance stance by some unnamed campaign rivals, Thompson quickly jumped on Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney has changed his position on that just as he has on so many other things,” he said of the former Massachusetts governor, who has publicly changed his stance on abortion to become a staunch opponent of abortion rights.

He said Romney supported McCain-Feingold at the time and “he supported public financing in Massachusetts, which no one that I know of who supported McCain-Feingold has gone that far.” (source)

Clinton Now Using Bush to Attack Obama:
"Clinton dismissed questions about the likability gap between her and Obama by stressing her record--and reminding viewers that they once liked Dubya, too. "We've gone through trying to decide, who would you rather have a beer with, and look at the results," she said. Warming to the theme, Clinton dropped another Bush bomb on Obama today on the trail, this time echoing the day's theme--Iraq and foreign affairs--and questioning Obama's capacity to serve as Commander-in-Chief. "It's tempting any time things seem quieter on the international front to think that we don't need a president who's up to speed on foreign affairs and military matters," she said. "Well, that's the kind of logic that got us George Bush in the first place." (source)

These primaries have magnified for me just how uninformed the general public is. Almost every conservative blogger out there (the people who read, watch, and listen to all sides of the news every day) are throwing their support behind Fred Thompson...but I still meet people who don't even know he's running... Frustrating to say the least.

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