Monday, December 03, 2007

Ruse Makes National News, Truth Barely Makes Local News...

"... A firefighter who reportedly found a rope and a threatening note with a drawing of a noose in a Baltimore station house last month admitted to placing the items there himself, it was reported.

The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday that Donald Maynard, a firefighter and paramedic in-training, who is African American, confessed to police.

In a written statement Fire Chief William J. Goodwin Jr. said Maynard wanted to create a "perception that members within our department were acting in a discriminatory and unprofessional manner," the Sun reported.

The noose incident sparked outrage two weeks ago and launched a federal hate crime probe..." (source)

And how much money did that "federal hate crime probe" cost taxpayers? And will that fireman be responsible to pay it back?

Some of you might remember that this happened here in Philly and it wasn't a joke. It didn't make national news and even the local inkies steered clear. Why? I can only assume it was because an African American fireman (President of the African American Firefighters group if I were to venture a guess) was the one that hung the KKK hood in a white fireman's locker.

THIS is why racism still exists in our country when it should be long gone. Don't say "everyone is equal" but then turn around and treat them differently. I believe we are all are let's start acting that way instead of just writing it on placards and using it in stump speeches...

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