Friday, December 07, 2007

The Real Reason Our Borders Aren't Secured...

Congress doesn't really care if al Qaeda has threatened to infiltrate through our southern border, nor do they care that formerly extinct diseases are reemerging all over the United States...they don't even care if Americans DO want the jobs that Americans supposedly won't do. What they care about is being elected and re-elected. The conservative base (via The Minute Men) have forced our party to take a stand and to say that whether we empathize with specific cases or not, we will not tolerate a country of lawlessness. And they're paying for it already...

"...Republican Party efforts to attract Hispanic voters, the fastest-growing minority in the country, have faltered in the last year as many prefer the Democrats' position on illegal immigration, a study found.

The study by the Pew Hispanic Center released on Thursday said: "After spending the first part of this decade loosening their historic ties to the Democratic Party, Hispanic voters have reversed course in the past year."

Illegal immigration has been a prominent issue in the contest to be the Republican nominee for next November's presidential election, with candidates vying to appear toughest on an issue that sparks strong emotions among many Americans.

The study found 57 percent of Hispanic registered voters now call themselves Democrats, or say they lean to the Democratic Party, while just 23 percent align with the Republican Party.

The survey of 2,003 Hispanics conducted in October and November found support for the Democrats had increased from 49 percent in a national survey taken last year, versus 28 percent who identified with Republicans.

"The new survey finds that a plurality of Hispanics view the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party as the one that shows more concern for Latinos and does a better job on the issue of illegal immigration," it added." (source)

They believe the press that it's about race. How sad and narrow. Maybe they don't know or care about the rape trees and all the abductions of Mexicans on the border and see that it's as detrimental to them as it is to us.

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