Monday, December 10, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We went to pick out our tree yesterday. For years we drove north to this quaint little Christmas village tree farm...and then we discovered that the local beer distributor has trees that are just as nice and much cheaper. Not as romantic, but a much shorter ride.

Anyway, we pull up and there's a sign that reads, "Douglass Fir Christmas Trees $20." As we start browsing the tree guy says, "Yeah, all the trees are $20 except for the ones with a yellow ribbon. They're $35." The guy walks away and Busta starts laughing, "Mom, they ALL have yellow ribbons." And they did.

So we got a beautiful tree for $35 because it had a yellow ribbon. And we had a laugh because if you got mad any time someone was being shady or lied to'd spend your life mad. And it's almost Christmas.

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