Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NJ's Death Penalty is on Death Row

"...The New Jersey Senate voted Monday to make the state the first in the country to repeal the death penalty since the United States Supreme Court allowed executions to resume in 1976 and established the nation’s current system of capital punishment.

Passage in the Senate was seen as the bill’s biggest obstacle, and in the end it was approved 21 to 16, receiving the bare minimum number of votes required.

Legislators on both sides of the debate expect the measure to pass easily on Thursday in the Assembly, where the Democrats enjoy a 50-to-30 majority, .

Gov. Jon S. Corzine, a staunch opponent of the death penalty, has repeatedly said he would sign a measure ending executions..." (source)

There are currently 8 people sitting on Death Row in the Garden State. The most notorious being the pedophile rapist and murderer of little Megan Kanka in 1994 (namesake of "Megan's Law"). Megan's parents, Richard and Maureen Kanka, have pleaded with legislatures not to abolish the death penalty in a letter:

“The inmates currently on death row are the worst of the worst in our society, and to offer them the opportunity of life is a disgrace,” the letter said. “No one on that commission had the right to make any recommendation regarding the life or death of any death row inmate.” (source)

Jersey lawmakers are saying that the death penalty will be replaced by 'lifetime without the possibility of parole.' Some of you might be surprised to know that if the "without the possibility of parole" is ACTUALLY the case...as in NEVER, EVER step foot out of the prison until they are being carried out in a box...I don't have that much problem with it. With the endless litany of appeals filed, the executions never take place anyway.

Though, even if this is passed and signed by the Governor, Jesse K. Timmendequas should still be put to death on principle. The NJ Supreme Court upheld his death sentence twice. He should be grandfathered into execution by the State if you will...

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