Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Liberal Group Think

After reading this comment (found below) on the post I wrote at tesco's yesterday I started thinking about where I live and how that has shaped the person I am. I am SO happy that I live in a Blue State --a Northeast blue state at that. I will never be in jeopardy of falling into group think. Each day I am being challenged so I am constantly reformulating and re-articulating. I must defend my beliefs and to do so those beliefs must be vetted and real. I am never in a circle of people that all agree with my views on the country and the world and I'm grateful for that. That ensures that I will never be like this:

"...First, being conservative and artistic is simply impossible. Conservatism, by its very nature, is about conformity. It’s about following rules and traditions regardless of what you personally feel about them. Every important artist of the last few centuries was to the left politically. There is nothing remotely interesting or enjoyable about being a conformist or a follower.

Conservatives have a problem listening to or seeing anything that does not fit neatly into their sheltered world view. This is why they are so threatened by bands like The Clash, and why they constantly whine about “Hollywood values.” Compare the “values” of George Clooney to those of, say David Vitter, Rudy Giuliani, or Larry Craig. I’ll take Clooney.

Throughout history, governments have feared artistic movements and artists. They are the truly anti-government people. Why else would the Nixon administration try to deport John Lennon or why would the Bush administration distribute a list of “unacceptable” songs to radio stations after 9/11 that included such “rabble rousers” as “Imagine.”

How anti-government are American conservatives? Not very. Look at the national debt. Look at the deficit. Look the expansion of medicare. Look the out-of-control spending in Iraq. Personally, I fail to see how requiring my grandchildren to pay for a war from before they are even born fits into “take[ing] responsibility for your own actions.” It is the height of irresponsibility." (source)

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