Monday, December 03, 2007

Hillary's "Competence": Terry Mcauliffe's Handiwork

At least three different times over the weekend I heard Hillary referred to as "competent" and "experienced" on various news shows.

First we'll talk about the alleged competence. Using this specific word is no mistake and reeks of a Terry Mcauliffe talking point. For seven years the Left has used many disparaging words to describe President Bush, but "incompetent" has always topped the list. Brilliant politicking and wonderful psychological spinning to cast Hillary as the transverse of incompetent. Bravo Terry, glad to see that Dean didn't steal all your juice... Of course there is nothing to back up said competence --actually, just the opposite.

As for the experience, that's where I'm really lost. Pray tell what experience? One term as a Senator? Oh, being married to a President for eight years? Well, I'm married to an HVAC foreman and it's true, there are some things I've learned over the past 11 years like:

Saying "hot water heater" is redundant.
A furnace and a water heater are two different things with different functions.
Registers blow air out and vents suck air in.
Forced air heat is the least desirable for your residence...radiant heat the most.
Hot Air rises --heat radiates.
PVC is better than copper, lead and iron for drainage.
American Standard and Trane are both the same company.

So now that I've bedazzled you with all my vast temperature control knowledge (i.e. experience) you want to hire me to install your heating and air conditioning? If we're judging "experience" by the 'stand by your man' factor (I could've been much more crass there) then I have it all over Hillary. Bill was only President for 8 years and The Man has been installing HVAC for 21. I must be a top grade mechanic at this least as good as Hillary would be as President.

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