Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally, Some Equality Under Sharia Law

A mouthpiece of Allah in Iran has declared that women that will not wear the hijab should be put to death. This is hardly surprising news from the "religion that respects women", BUT what is shocking is that he believes their husband's (and fathers) should be killed too. Actually, I guess that does make perfect sense. What kind of man couldn't keep control of his own property...that would be a disgrace! Allah Ahkbar!

"...A top Muslim cleric in Iran, Hojatolislam Gholam Reza Hassani said on Wednesday that women in Iran who do not wear the hijab or Muslim headscarf, should die.

"Women who do not respect the hijab and their husbands deserve to die," said Hassani, who leads Friday prayers in the city of Urumieh, in Iranian Azerbaijan.

"I do not understand how these women who do not respect the hijab, 28 years after the birth of the Islamic Republic, are still alive," he said.

"These women and their husbands and their fathers must die," said Hassani, who is the representative of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in eastern Azerbaijan..." (source)

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