Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chauvinistic and Mean

Yeah, it pains me but I must stick up for Hillary again.

This is a screen shot of the right-hand side of Drudge's page yesterday:

Why is it only Hillary that is singled out for appearance? Huckabee is a weird looking dude -almost disturbingly so. Giuliani has a off-putting speech impediment that makes his mouth look strange when he talks. Chris Dodd has eyebrows that make Brooke Shields look like Whoopie Goldberg. Barack is just plain odd looking and we won't even go into Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich...both of whom could have been cast in Peter Jackson's Shire...

If she had gotten botox or a mini-lift, they'd be all over her for that too. She's 61 years old, what is she supposed to look like? Hillary's experience is nil, her past is wrought with missteps and her policies just plain suck. That should be all we need to defeat her...

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