Thursday, November 22, 2007


I know with everything going on in my life over the last year it's been easy to lose sight of what I am thankful for. I'm glad this day sorta forces you to reflect on that...

*I am thankful that my husband is also my best friend.
*I am thankful that my older one is showing great promise with the violin while maintaining his good grades and his status as class clown.
*I am thankful my little one is excelling in his APEX classes while steadily improving in his martial arts training.
*I am thankful they both love to read as much as I do.
*I am thankful my family will all be at my house for dinner this year (sans my mother who will be nursing people back to health in the ICU)
*I am thankful 92alpha (my dad) had Whole Foods cater our dinner so I don't have to cook!!!
*I am thankful for all those brave and selfless enough to don a uniform and have dropped behind enemy lines, endure the horrors of war, had a friend die in their arms, ran into a burning building, chased an armed suspect and gone undercover into life-threatening situations. You are all my heroes and I am thankful you all do what most could never fathom.
*I am thankful I live in a country where I can have this forum and say what I want regardless of who it offends.
*I am thankful I have many good and loyal friends.
*...and I am thankful that Total (Greek) yogurt is finally available in America...thank you Whole Foods!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to everyone... I am trying to chill out and enjoy the day and my family this year instead of stressing out like I normally do on holidays and I hope you all are doing the same.


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