Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Soldier's Nightmare

Some of you may have heard of this beyond tragic story via "America Supports You" or "Soldier's Angels", but last night was the first time I read about Army Spc. John A. Johnson and his family.

This may be one of the worst stories I have read in a long time...

"...For Army Spc. John A. Johnson, the fifth improvised-explosive-device blast he experienced in Iraq, in August, was the one that caused traumatic brain injury that landed him at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio for treatment.

Two months later, when he was being discharged, his wife and three children left El Paso and headed east to meet him. Then fate took a deadly turn.

Driving in the Dallas area Oct. 13, the Johnson family vehicle crashed and rolled. Two-year-old Logan and 5-year-old Ashley perished in the wreck. Tyler, age 9, was critically injured with brain injuries that left him comatose at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where he [passed away on Saturday]. Johnson’s wife, Monalisa, was in the intensive-care unit of an adjacent facility, Parkland Hospital, with back injuries." (Read the whole article)

And I thought I'd had it hard lately. This is truly beyond what anyone (or any family) should have to endure. The article is meant to highlight all the help that the family has been given by America Supports You and Soldier's Angels --which is wonderful, but I'm having a hard time just digesting this story.

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