Tuesday, November 06, 2007

School Check

What's going on in school across the land of the free and the home of the brave you're wondering?

Well, on the left coast there was a middle school (I know this is a shocker, but it's in California) with a cross-dressing day planned:
"...cross-dressing, gender-shift day encouraging children to attire themselves as a member of the opposite sex"
An announcement has since been made canceling gender-bender day and encouraging students to "wear school colors". You can read the whole story over at Newsbusters.

But here on the East Coast we are not exempt from our share of nutballs in Academia.:

"A University of Maine student alleges her former professor offered extra credit to class members if they burned the American flag or the U.S. Constitution or were arrested defending free speech.

On the first day of class, associate professor Paul Grosswiler offered the credit to members of his History of Mass Communications class, according to sophomore Rebekah McDade. Disturbed by the comment, McDade dropped the class and intends to take the course again next semester with a different professor.

"I was offended," McDade said Friday. "I come from a family of military men and women, and the flag and Constitution are really important symbols to me because of my family background." (source)

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