Monday, November 05, 2007

Philadelphia Citizens Must Act...Now!

Police have identified Officer Chuck Cassidy's killer as 21 year old John Lewis. Sources day Lewis confessed to a family member. Someone HAS to be harboring this man. The public needs to get off the "don't help the pigs" and "don't talk to the five-O" kick and turn this armed and dangerous killer in. I blame all those in Philadelphia that "don't talk" for the alarming homicide rate. If criminals knew they wouldn't receive safe haven from the anti-cop crowds, I'm sure there would be far less crime.

This is the photo released by police of John Lewis ("Lewis is described as being 270 pounds with a scruffy beard and medium brown complexion. He also has two tattoos. The one on his left hand reads "N.P." for North Philly. The tattoo on his right hand reads "H.P." for Hunting Park, areas he frequents." (source)

(It doesn't say it in the description, but I would say from looking at the photo that Lewis has cornrows or braids because of the fuzzies at his hairline)

Dunkin' Donuts Shooting -Surveillance Video

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