Friday, November 16, 2007

Open Letter to Physicians apologies in advance to Dr.Tony... ;)

Why are you the only profession that prefers your clients to be uninformed dolts? Any other profession/trade appreciates and benefits from an informed/knowledgeable customer/client base...but no, not you. You want a drone that just yeses everything you say. God forbid someone has had the audacity to take an interest in their own health and dared to wander over to WebMD. Is it because in your profession there are many theories and not many definitive answers and I, a mere non-medical peon, should never question you the mighty MD?

Well, screw you. At the end of the day I am responsible for me and you're just my doctor that has tons of other patients not to mention his only family to think about. I am more vested in what's going on with me and I have a right to question you if I think you're off base.

And next time you want to bitch about the fact that I obviously read way more than you do to your receptionist...make sure I'm not sitting in the next room leafing through a tattered 6 month old People magazine waiting for your ass.

(BTW, I should add that I was actually amused and not mad about this. I'm quite used to doctor's telling me to "stay off the internet" --and my gynecologist is exempt from this as he is the best.guy.ever that is always happy I'm informed and open to trying new things...)

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