Friday, November 02, 2007

One of Philly's Finest: Officer Charles Cassidy

The family of Philadelphia police officer Chuck Cassidy made the decision to remove him from life support at 9:40am yesterday morning. My heart goes out to his wife and three children for having to make this agonizing decision, for losing their husband/father in such a senseless act and for knowing that his killer is still at large armed with the officer's weapon.

According to the ticker on Captain America's site we are at 337 homicides in Philadelphia. I knew both CA and Wyatt would already have posted all the things I wanted to say about this... Wyatt at Support Your Local Gunfighter knew Officer Cassidy and is understandably shaken by this needless tragedy. CA pays homage to all the officers that have been wounded and killed this year in the war that rages on the streets of Philadelphia.

I was too angry to post yesterday. I don't want to be like the 'leaders' here in Philadelphia and use this 25 year veteran's death as a political tool. I'm still too angry and sad...and bitter.

I hate that I am losing faith in the human race. It's not just Officer Cassidy but a plethora of things. I don't believe in spreading negative energy, so this is it for today.

My heart and prayers to Officer Cassidy's wife, children and family and to the entire Philadelphia police department. You all deserve combat pay because currently it's more dangerous here than it is in Iraq.

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