Saturday, November 03, 2007

Most Ridiculous Campaign Ad Ever?

I've seen some pretty off-the-wall political ads in my day, but I think this one might take the prize. Sadly, this will be the next Mayor of Philadelphia...

So let's get this straight...a city that has been on a continual decline for decades, solely under Democratic control for decades and with a higher homicide rate than there has been days in the year, and his ad doesn't mention any of that. No, he (a Philadelphia MAYORAL candidate) is going to hold "these guys" (Bush & Cheney) accountable "for what they've done." ????????????? What? What a delusional panderer.

It made it worse that I saw this ridiculousness after the press conference with the current disaster of a Mayor claiming that Philly cops are getting shot and killed because of the cuts the federal government made in drug & alcohol programs! So John Street thinks everyone in Philly is a victim with no free will? Well, I guess i have to agree with that a little. A victim of Democratic dictatorship for 40+ years...

And speaking of victim-mentality spurred crime: beware girls and tourists, if you escape being raped or shot here --there is a brazen purse snatcher at large.

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