Thursday, November 15, 2007

Martial Law In Killadelphia?

Two more officers were shot in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. Narcotics officers were trying to serve a warrant when someone (a 16 yr. old was subsequently charged) began shooting out of the house catching one officer in the hip and the other in the leg. A female officer on the scene returned fire.

Can I just say how kick ass the police force is here in Philly... Do you remember hearing about the officer that was shot in the face and chest with a sawed off shotgun over the summer...?

"...Even after he was critically wounded, cops said, Officer Richard Decoatsworth lived up to his tough-cop billing - chasing the suspect for nearly three blocks as blood oozed from his face. An officer finally found Decoatsworth bleeding on the roadside and rushed him to the hospital..." (source)

Good God, now that's a man. And one of the two officers shot Tuesday (names aren't released because they work undercover) directed emergency staff at the hospital to remove the bullet from his hip with no anesthesia. After the bullet was dug from his flesh with no painkillers...the officer attempted to get his uniform back on to go back to the scene. Yeah, and that's a man...a little more appealing than a bearded guy with a protest sign huh?

Anyway, I know there was a rumor that on-the-way-out Mayor John Street tried to get the National Guard here last summer and I'm wondering if Martial Law will be put on the discussion table. I don't think it's actually been used in the US since 1945, but I don't see another solution to what's going on here. I know politicians in the City of Brotherly Love are blaming it all on weak gun laws -which of course is ridiculous as these guns are ILLEGAL meaning the laws weren't and wouldn't be abided by anyway.

Not being partisan, but just being logical...Philadelphia has been run (into the ground) by Democrats for decades. There is a such thing as a breadth of change, new blood and balance. Rush said yesterday that though liberals call for more social programs, more rehabilitation instead of punishment, etc --the majority (if not all) of the cities in the most peril are Blue cities (like Philly) and it's obvious those things aren't working...the report card on Democrats policies and programs has a big F. Why aren't the people here in Killadelphia smart enough to see that the Democratic party has done nothing for them here? This city is the very definition of a dependent voter base and the DNC being willing to create a victim mentality and hold people down to ensure retention of power. It's sickening.

UPDATE: Of course it seems as if the writers at the Philadelphia Inquirer would rather blame the police for Officer Cassidy's death than the criminal that murdered him...front page no less.

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